Meal Planning

Assess your eating situation

  • What is your work schedule? Workout plans? Family schedule? Travel? Social Commitments? Eating out?
  • Next, you want to consider how many meals you have to plan for, what you have time for, who will do the shopping, prepping, cooking and try and anticipate what you might feel like eating.
  • What is your grocery budget? Preparing your own food will be less expensive than going out., so you will need to decide how many you’ll need to cook vs. eat out
  • Start creating your plan
  1. Go through the days of the week and write down the meals you will need to make (snack, quick dinner, packed lunch etc.)
  2. Tally up the numbers of meals you need in each category

You’re ready to start choosing recipes! Here are some things to consider:

Always choose at least one meal you have made before/know you like. Try and choose recipes with similar ingredients, you don’t need to try something new every week. It is also wise to look at recipes that will allow for leftovers so that you can tick off some of your other meals.

  • What do you already have at home? Choose some recipes that use some of those ingredients. Always cook more perishable items first.
  • Have some extra time this week? Cook some meals that you can freeze the leftovers for busier times.

Now that you have your recipes chosen, create your grocery list! A little trick is to organize your list according to where these items are in the grocery store. Start with fruits/veg, meat and fish, dairy/eggs, frozen food, the middle isles are filled with prepared/packaged items. Need some help navigating the grocery store? Book a tour with Victoria!

Once you’ve done your shopping, create a visual plan for the week, and assign tasks if you have some partners in crime. This is a great time for kids to start getting their hands dirty in the kitchen!

Happy Cooking! Check out our recipes page for great healthy options.